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How can HSCS support your business in 2024


In the fast paced world of supply chains, you cannot afford to stand still. Customer expectations increase constantly and you must meet them to ensure long-term success.

As the client and supply side logistics consultancy that delivers true alignment across the supply chain we are a reliable and experienced pair of hands to oversee your value-adding initiative.

We provide, consultancy and interim management services to SMEs looking to modernise their supply chain and logistics operations.
We help enterprises implement new supply chain and logistics initiatives – bridging the knowledge gap between client and supplier.
Our broad experience across both client and supply side disciplines gives 3PLs a trusted partner for implementation and interim management projects.

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Stock moves underway

January 2023

UPDATE: . The first stock moves from the incumbent to the new third party provider.
Following excellent work from Caroline, Stefan & Sukhy in step with the clients and third parties team members the seamless migration of stock and associated sales and purchase orders is underway.

Hewes Supply Chain Services Ltd
Interim Support

Handover to BAU

January 2023

COMPLETE: 8 months after the project started and only 5 months since the first stock arrived on site the project is now handed over to the operational teams. All required actions to facilitate the ongoing improvement in operations are detailed and understood with the required structure and resources in place to succeed.


The project takes shape

December 2022

UPDATE: Following the discovery and documentation phase along with completion of the requisite legal and commercial requirements the project moves into its new phase. Required for successful delivery will be the move of the fulfilment operation to a new third party logistics provider. Alongside this key requirement will be the set up of a new Supply chain function for the client and a continuous improvement plan to address those initiatives identified as part of the discovery phase.

Hewes Supply Chain Services Ltd

CI Plans in place

November 2022

UPDATE: CI Plans for both system and operations in place and monitored.
Whilst not yet fully operational as a site the required actions and solutions required to deliver the initial brief of c1.6k plts per week outbound are in place with defined owners and accountabilities.
Time is now the key factor in continuing to train the management and operational staff on the system and processes and work through the remaining system difficulties.
HSCS continues to engage at all levels with the client and their customer in settling the operation down in readiness for transfer into BAU.


HSCS Welcomes Sukhy to the Team

November 2022

HSCS is delighted to welcome Sukhy Desangh to the team as Supply Chain Manager.
With extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Public Sector, Manufacturing, and Retail in a variety of senior management roles. Sukhy will bring impactful decision making and implementation of new standards, processes, and best practise.


HSCS Welcomes Stef to the Team

October 2022

HSCS is delighted to welcome Stefan Winarski to the team as Project Manager.
A Supply Chain and Logistics professional with over 30 years of experience within the Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Logistics, NHS Supply Chain and the UK Health Support Agency. Stef will be key in the delivery of any required solution that may emanate from the discovery and documentation phase of the project.

Project Management

Challenging conditions

October 2022

UPDATE: Not all projects run smoothly.
Working on incredibly tight timelines its has not been possible to iron out all of the processes and system difficulties in line with the aggressive ramp up required. Working closely with the client and their customer HSCS continue to support in managing the issues and building the required teams to embed the new processes as quickly as possible.


HSCS Welcomes Caroline to the Team

September 2022

HSCS is delighted to welcome Caroline Dixon to the team as an interim Project Manager.
Caroline has extensive practical experience in supporting and improving manufacturing and logistics operations, to reduce cost and risk. having worked in the UK and overseas with global companies within a variety of sectors, Caroline will be instrumental in documenting the processes and identifying the areas where improvements can be made.


Planning begins for an exciting new project

August 2022

NEW PROJECT: Planning starts for a new project as HSCS supports a leading provider of technologies, products and services for water and wastewater treatment. Delivering a consultancy Proposal for UK Logistics discovery and documentation the exercise is due to take place over the next 6 months and will require additional skill sets to complete.


First Stock arrives on site

July 2022

UPDATE: Stock arrives at the new DC and the racking is almost complete. Phase 1 of the racking though is ready and available for the initial receipts. With delays to the system configuration and interfaces UAT is still ongoing and all teams are working flat out to achieve a demanding ramp up bringing in c10k pallets in 8 weeks and building to a despatch profile of 1.6k plts per week by the 8th week.


Parcel Tender & Review Complete

July 2022

COMPLETE: HSCS has completed the carrier portfolio review for Primrose and have supported the Client in engaging with the leading providers of both 1, 1.5 and 2 person delivery methods to support the wide range of products available to their customers. Through both detailed data modelling and negotiation skills with the respective carriers HSCS have brought to contract the optimum blend of service and cost with enhanced service offerings to Primroses customers.


A New Project for HSCS

May 2022

HSCS are excited to start on a new project.

Working with Guardian Warehousing Ltd a regional Third party logistics provider HSCS has been engaged to support onboarding our clients new customer in 65,000 ft2 of new warehousing space to create an NDC for multi brand deliveries to supermarkets, wholesalers and independent stores.
With a high level of case pick required in a Very Narrow Aisle environment, process engineering leading to Warehouse layout design and Warehouse Management System (WMS) configuration will be key. Extremely tight timelines will make this an incredibly challenging project.


Your Business Magazine

April 2022

HSCS has been pleased to have been included in this year’s edition of James Caan’s ‘Your Business Magazine’.
With our feature on page(s) 166-167 and supporting the editorial on page(s) 168-169 it’s an exciting time for HSCS as we continue to support our clients in optimising their logistics and supply chain to both delight their customers and improve on cost.

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Videos now available

April 2022

HSCS are delighted to share 2 videos of the fitout and implementation of a new DC in the midlands.

During the course of 2021 HSCS supported TransHaul and Clinisupplies in the fitout and start up of their exciting new distribution centre.

The short video clips best demonstrate the work involved. For further information please see the case study below.


Parcel Tender & Review

January 2022

HSCS has been asked to support Primrose in a thorough review of its carrier portfolio and identify areas for improvement.
Completing the initial work during 2021 HSCS rolled out an RFI/P process on the smaller parcels traffic to engage with the top carriers in the market to establish those that best suited Primrose and their operations. As part of the process there has been significant work in establishing baselines on data and reviewing the internal systems that communicate with the carriers.


Completion of the New Midlands DC

by Alex Hewes | November 2021 | Case Study

Clinisupplies Limited is a fast-growing small/medium medical consumables manufacturer. Transhaul has over 30 years in the business of haulage, storage and distribution.
HSCS were engaged to support the establishment of a brand-new Distribution Centre in Stoke-on-Trent for co-use between Clinisupplies and TransHaul.

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Stock and Racking arrive on site

September 2021

UPDATE: Stock arrives at the new DC and the racking arrives on site ready to be installed
The Customer’s stock has begun to arrive, and the first despatches leave the DC.
Trans Haul’s existing WMS has been upgraded and integrated to the cloud as well as the new DC WMS environment being built.
With the environment built the team are now well into the UAT stages of the new site WMS go live.
Many of the fit-out works have been completed or well on their way to completion as the racking arrives on site. The first stages of the racking are being erected and soon to be handed over to the operations team to begin utilising.


Packaging re-tender

August 2021

With significant increases in paper costs during 2020 and 2021, HSCS assisted the Primrose team to fully understand their packaging spend and the various cost drivers that sit behind it, whilst rolling out a RFI to establish optimum players in the packaging market that could support Primrose requirements.
With the required product categories covering live plants to heavy pots, the need to have a partner that along with being cost effective, could also offer innovation and lean principles to reduce overall usage was a key concern. HSCS Led the process of planning, sourcing, tendering, supplier selection, negotiation and contract preparation and finalisation.


Fit out works commence

July 2021

UPDATE: Fit out works have commenced on the new site.
Installation of the welfare and admin areas, fire safety, security, the warehouse lighting, and external civils are well under way by our contractors.
This will support the operation of a new 14,500 racking location DC to be operated by top of the range VNA man-risers, integrated to the WMS giving a semi-automated operation.
The operation will be mainly a full pallet in/out operation with a section of case pick. The key customer will be Clinisupplies with other customers to fill the remaining locations.
We are pleased to announce that the new DC manager Rob Garner has joined the Trans Haul team and is keen to become part of this new and exciting project.


EU Fulfilment Study

June 2021

HSCS was asked to review the options around the setting up of a 3rd party warehouse solution in the EU or alternatively identify a model that would allow the EU to be fulfilled from the UK.
Working alongside the team at Primrose, HSCS modelled the centre of gravity for a potential EU fulfilment centre and opened conversations with 3rd party providers in the chosen geographic region. Working with the buyers over product selection and with finance to build a business case on expected P+L impacts.



New site acquired

May 2021

UPDATE: The lease has been agreed for the new site and the move can officially begin! The project moves ahead preparing and finalising all aspects of the program of works.
The contracting teams are now in place to complete the fit out, including the welfare areas, fire and security, racking, MHE and all other works and services


Planning begins for a new project

March 2021

NEW PROJECT: Planning starts for a new project as HSCS supports Clinisupplies a medical devices company and TransHaul their 3PL preparing and opening their exciting new DC in the midlands, due to go live Autumn 2021. HSCS will be managing the project to deliver a WMS upgrade, operational setup, migration, and site fit out program.


Operational Improvement

by Alex Hewes | March 2021 | Case Study

TransHaul have over 30 years in the business of haulage, storage and distribution, they offer a full range of logistics services for businesses in the UK and overseas. Following a business review and Health check conducted by HSCS, TransHaul further contracted HSCS to support with the recommended Operational Improvement plan to focus on SOP’s, Processes, KPI’s, Flows and WMS.

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HSCS Welcomes Sarah to the Team

February 2021

HSCS is delighted to welcome Sarah to the team as PA. Sarah has joined HSCS to support the growth of the business providing much welcomed structure and administrative support.


Process Improvement Review

by Alex Hewes | January 2021 | Case Study

Trucklink EU are a freight distribution specialist with services that include warehousing and e-commerce solutions.
Recognising the need for the business to move to the next level, HSCS were engaged to conduct a 4 day review to highlight and guide on the infrastructural improvements that the business could adopt to facilitate further growth.

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HSCS Request for Proposal Response

by Alex Hewes | December 2020 | Case Study

Initially contracted for a business structure and operations review HSCS were engaged due to timing and expertise to support a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a major long standing existing customer. HSCS has considerable experience and knowledge in this arena, working with both TransHaul and their customer HSCS managed the RFP process throughout. HSCS was the key support partner to enable TransHaul to retain and grow with their key customer.

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HSCS Welcomes Josh to the Team

December 2020

HSCS is delighted to welcome Josh Hewes to the team as Project Manager. A recent graduate with operational experience already under his belt.
Josh will support and lead operational implementations, process improvements and new site start ups.


Warehouse Insource Implementation

by Alex Hewes | December 2020 | Case Study

Primrose are a growing online retailer supplying garden products. Having previously outsourced their warehousing and fulfilment operations to a 3rd party they decided in 2020 to bring this operation in house. HSCS were engaged to oversee this change and implement a detailed cross functional project plan that spanned systems, process, HR, operational design, testing and integration and cut-over plan.

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Business Review and Health Check for Trans Haul’s Warehouse Operations

by Alex Hewes | September 2020 | Case Study

TransHaul are a growing haulage, storage and distribution company with over 30 years in the business. Recognising the need to streamline and enhance processes, add value to the existing client base, and embed a culture of continuous improvement, Trans Haul engaged Hewes Supply Chain Services (HSCS) to help facilitate this requirement.

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Final Mile Carrier Evaluation

by Alex Hewes | September 2020 | Case Study

The client is a multi-channel business that offers everything for the kitchen, home and garden. HSCS were contracted to conduct an evaluation for an alternative carrier service to fulfil the final mile customer delivery. The remit was to ensure that any solution was fit for purpose and commercially viable.

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Supporting the Covid Effort

May 2020

Hewes Supply Chain Services is pleased to be able to support public services in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Crown Commercial Services have validated HSCS and included them in their online catalogue of suppliers.

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Specialist in procurement or specialist in logistics? Why not both?

by Alex Hewes | January 10, 2020 | Logistics Consulting, Procurement.

Incremental changes compound to big differences over time.

And it is arguable no department function feels this more keenly than ‘purchasing’.
A little saving here, a little saving there. It all shows in your bottom line.

Specialist purchasing skills are invaluable……

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Job done! Strategic procurement support at the world’s largest cosmetics company – L’Oréal UK and Ireland

December 2019

We have just finished an interim Logistics and Operations Buyer role at L’Oréal UK and Ireland. Key achievements in the position included:

Responsible for £million spend on Logistics operational categories in L’Oréal UK and Ireland Procurement team.
Played a pivotal role in providing strategic procurement support to drive cost reductions, demand management and process optimization.

Led the process of planning, sourcing, tendering, supplier selection, negotiation and contract preparation and finalisation as required.
Specific deliverables included a UK B2B Parcel RFP. Full 3PL transport market review and a Pallet rental project that reviewed regional / global contracts.

Thank you to Gemma, Tom, Mel, James and Sam and the whole team at L’Oréal UK and Ireland.

Hewes Supply Chain Services Ltd (HSCS) is an operational support practice and consultancy for the logistics and supply chain industry. With extensive client and supply side experience across a number of sectors, our steady hand helps organisations overcome the myriad of integration and implementation challenges.


London Marathon 2019

After 10 years talking about it I finally plucked up the courage and put my body where my mouth was by running the Virgin London Marathon on April 28th 2019 – raising over £2000 for a charity close to my heart – Asthma UK.  HSCS will continue to support this charity and any further donations will be greatly appreciated.

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