Interim Management

Interim Management

Implementing a new supply chain or logistics initiative can be a stressful time.

Lack of resources and knowledge gaps can create a chaotic situation that effects productivity and compromises service delivery in the interim.

HSCS is available to ease the burden on your organisation during a new initiative or change management programme.

On a short to medium term basis, HSCS can be brought into your organisation as an attractive alternative to traditional recruitment and hiring situations.

We offer a “hands on” service to see your project through from conception through to completion – seamlessly fitting into your organisation on a temporary basis (8 weeks – 1 year depending on scale of the project). We will take on the responsibly of delivering the project with professionalism and integrity.

We are highly experienced in delivering a range of supply chain and logistics initiatives with a proven track record of success. We are results-driven, motivated business that understands the need to manage an assignment within timeframes and budgets.

Directly accountable to you or your client/s, HSCS will handle challenging situations and provide immediate solutions.

Use HSCS for interim support in any of the following scenarios:

  • Gap management
  • Managing a change situation – restructuring – evaluating diversification
  • Project management – one off essential projects requiring full time commitment
  • Crisis Management – correcting problems and implementing new procedures


The benefits of hiring HSCS as an interim manager:

  • A flexible, focused resource to deliver projects successfully, on time and within budget.
  • On demand availability for appointment – accessible within days and for as long as needed to get the job done.
  • Wealth of experience for a minimal learning curve – delivering results immediately.
  • Low maintenance relationship where we accept line responsibility and accountability for a problem until it is resolved.
  • Seamless integration into your management team – viewed and accepted as insiders.
  • More cost effective than hiring and training from the inside.
  • No fuss finish – when the work is done we leave you in a better place.

Some companies that we have previously helped on an interim management basis include:

We joined PhotoBox on an interim management basis when they required an external carrier management SME to review their carrier portfolio, and identify efficiencies and consolidation opportunities.

We reviewed the number and cost of existing carriers and their territories, recognised the uniqueness and synergies of Group brands and production locations and determined the carrier services available and their cost/fit to existing and future marketing strategies.

Quantifying the benefits into a business case and implementation plan, we recommended multiple initiatives delivering significant savings and provided a plan to deliver immediate and longer-term benefit realisation.


“Great advisor with a broad skillset, good communicator and self motivated. Engaged with stakeholders well, measured approach, really valuable to a business going through change as he is passionate. Provided structured project plans, got the correct people on board and provided clear updates around progress and risks. Alex adapted quickly into the culture and built lots of great relationships, they never felt like he was a contractor, very friendly and professional”.

Group Product Director


During our time with McDonalds UK, we were responsible for the day to day management of logistics providers in the UK, Ireland and the Nordics. We assisted in the development and implementation of the European logistics strategy – underpinning McDonald’s Global Plan 2 Win strategy.

In addition, we were accountable for the distributor’s performance in delivering flexible, efficient and assured supply to all restaurants.  In collaboration with both local and European McDonald’s teams, we set and agreed the distributor’s quality targets, budgets, PfP and SLA’s.

We also assisted distributors in developing strategies which supported McDonald’s strategic drivers of Quality, Efficiency, Service and Sustainability. We were also responsible for the European sustainability agenda for logistics across all European markets and logistics providers and supporting the European purchasing team for produce – designing and delivering optimum routes to market to maximise flexibility whilst assuring supply, minimising overall stock levels and reducing associated costs.

McDonalds UK PLC

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