Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Obvious waste is easy to detect.  Hidden waste, much harder.

It can remain undetected and unchallenged for long periods of time. 

Duplication of effort, delays and over processing are all too easily overlooked within existing processes and material flows. And it hurts your bottom line.

In the long run, to stay competitive your organisation must adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement – look to eliminate waste at every opportunity.

An appreciation of lean methodology will result in higher profit margins, better overall service and better reputation for your company.


Lean Six Sigma

HSCS is passionate about eliminating waste and inspiring companies to reap the tangible benefits of lean operations.

We achieve this by implementing the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process.

From human resources and finance, to operations and distribution, the six sigma process provides a quantifiable view of how your business runs, highlighting initial step changes and key areas for continual improvement. With value stream and flow process mapping, we identify areas of inefficiency and set businesses up for lean operations now and into the future.

Some benefits of continuous improvement/lean operation reviews implemented by HSCS include:


  • Better quality, faster and increased volume of deliveries
  • Elimination of non value adding activities – allowing for the redeployment of resources in value-adding areas of the business.
  • Reduction in ‘Lead Times’ within the supply chain
  • Reduction in total cost of operations – improving profit margins for the business.

Some example businesses where HSCS has implemented continous improvement/lean operation reviews:

We led the project and programme team within GM logistics where we were responsible for delivering the annual cost challenge, the supply chain accuracy programme and the Network transformation programme. These initiatives acted as a precursor to the implementation of M&S’s strategic network and continuous improvement initiatives within the UK & International operations team. 

We developed the team to meet and achieve these objectives, through training and development and targeted recruitment including PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma. We delivered the departmental KPIs while supporting the Plan A sustainability agenda, leaving M&S with a robust plan and designated teams to cross functionally deliver significant supply chain savings.

Marks & Spencer PLC

While under the constraints of a limited capital budget, through a continuous improvement initiative we delivered cost-effective solutions and transformed the internal warehouse operations (physical, processes, people & systems) from labour intensive manual paper based processes to up to date real time, system led processes.  The result was improved stock accuracy, 1st time order fulfilment and reduced lead times. In addition we improved visibility on order progress and delivered significant savings in warehousing cost.

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