For SMEs

For SMEs

In the fast paced world of supply chains, you cannot afford to stand still.

Customer expectations increase constantly and you must meet them to ensure long-term success.

Hewes Supply Chains Services Ltd (HSCS) is here to help SMEs rise to the challenge.

Using our vast experience, we help SMEs build enterprise-class supply chain infrastructure that matches and then exceeds expectations.

We offer expert advice in operational departments such as procurement, outsourcing, lean operations, change management, network designs and inventory control to create an optimised system that works for your organisation – delighting your customers and delivering an advantage over your competitors.

Ways to work with HSCS as an SME include:


HSCS is available to undertake full implementation project management for SMEs, from agreeing project governance at inception through to delivering fully operational systems.

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Continuous Improvement/Lean Operations

Through value stream and flow process mapping, HSCS can identify areas in operations that are inefficient. Use our services to increase productivity while improving quality, eliminate non value adding activities, reduce ‘lead times’ and reduce total operating costs to increase profit.

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Outsourcing & Tender Management

HSCS has extensive experience of managing logistics tenders for SMEs. Regardless of the type of logistics operations being outsourced, we can deliver a 3PL solution that is best suited to your cost and service expectations.

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Project / Programme / Portfolio and Change Management

HSCS can deliver a myriad of change management initiatives that add true value to any organisation’s operation. We apply rigorous project management methodologies, taking every project through the 5 key stages of conception, definition, commencement, performance and completion.

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Interim Management

Trust HSCS to work within your management structure, either as a functional manager or to undertake a specific short-term project. Access our expertise to see projects through – on a time scale as short as eight weeks to over a year – depending on the scale of the project.

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We are very pleased with the output of the HSCS team, Throughout the eight month project, we felt confident in their approach and depth of knowledge. Communication is key for complex projects like this. It was important to us that our customers and patients were not disrupted and HSCS managed to deliver a seamless transition to the new DC.

Samik Basu

Finance and Operations Director, CliniSupplies

I hired a HSCS consultant to work with me as a project manager as we took back the management of an outsourced warehouse. Alex integrated himself seamlessly into our organisation, creating a detailed cross functional project plan that spanned systems, process, HR, operational design, testing and integration and managed the cut-over plan. His calming influence and ability to get things done, enabled the project to be delivered on-time, with a successful go-live. My only criticism is I couldn’t hire Alex as part of the on-going team!
David Napper

Operations Director, Primrose

Through our time at Scott’s & Co, we held full operational responsibility for carriage, in-house warehousing, Company H&S and Facilities.

While under the constraints of a limited capital budget, through a continuous improvement initiative we delivered cost-effective solutions and transformed the internal warehouse operations (physical, processes, people & systems) from labour intensive manual paper based processes to up to date real time, system led processes.  The result was improved stock accuracy, 1st time order fulfilment and reduced lead times. In addition we improved visibility on order progress and delivered significant savings in warehousing cost.

A formal ITT process delivered savings in carriage costs and a new DSV collection model introduced which delivered significant improvements in the customer journey – taking a 14 day customer promise down to 3-5 days.

Scott's & Co Ltd

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