Change & Project Management

Change & Project Management

Successfully implementing a new supply chain or logistics initiative can be stressful.

Many knowledge gaps and oversights can exist, making it a confusing and time consuming process.

To deliver projects to definition and on time, you need experienced insight and someone you can trust.

HSCS is highly experienced in managing logistics and supply chain projects. Whether it is the build and implementation of new warehouse facilities or the introduction of strategic inventory accuracy processes, we have already delivered every kind of project.

Our skills in people management, stakeholder engagement, budget control, planning and risk mitigation make us the ideal partner for any scale of change.

How We Approach Project/Change Management

When approaching a new project, we define 5 key stages of delivery – conception, definition, commencement, performance and completion.

This can be an in-depth or light process depending on the culture of the business and the size and timescale of the project.

Project Conception

The first phase of any project is conception – what needs to be achieved? This may be a program of inventory reduction, the set-up of new distribution facilities or the deployment of a new transport network. Regardless of the project nature, HSCS will first understand the strategic plan and break it down into one or several deliverables – each with a clearly defined business case and cost-benefit analysis where appropriate. The conception process helps fully justify the project(s) from the outset and form the benchmark for the completion stage to be measured against.

Project Definition

Following Project Conception, we progress to producing a Project Definition. This includes a detailed description of the results to be produced, a list of the key tasks and milestones to be achieved and the budget constraints that need to be worked within – along with the key risks, assumptions and dependencies that underpin the project. Once these elements have been agreed, we will produce a project plan and organise the project governance, including identifying stakeholders, setting up RAAIDD (Risks, Assumptions, Actions, Issues, Dependencies, Decisions) logs and agreeing how communications will be managed.

Project Commencement

With the project comprehensively defined, and all required project governance in place, the project is ready to commence. In the commencement stage we fully engage the project team, assign project roles, set up tracking tools for plans and budgets and release required communications through the stakeholders.

Project Performance

As the project progresses, HSCS will continuously measure, manage and report performance. We do this through structured review sessions and tracking of plans and budgets against set targets. Further to this, we fix any issues that arise within specific tasks and maintain risk mitigation plans through the RAAIDD log.

Project Completion

As the project concludes we undertake a structured sign-off process, ensuring that all stakeholders are satisfied that objectives have been met. Where appropriate, we will also put into place ongoing performance measurement indicators to ensure that the delivered change is maintained in accordance with the original objective.

Across every stage of the project HSCS will manage task assignment, timing, communication, risks and budgets. Where change is the fundamental factor, HSCS applies Kotters 7 steps to ensure the organisation is hand held through the lifecycle of the change and that the project or programme is not only delivered but maintained and embedded.

Some companies that we have helped with project/change management initiatives so far include: 

We lead the project and programme team within GM logistics.  We were responsible for delivering the annual cost challenge, the supply chain accuracy programme and the Network transformation programme as a precursor to the implementation of the strategic network and continuous improvement initiatives within the UK & International operations team. 

We developed the team to meet and achieve these objectives, through training and development and targeted recruitment including PRINCE2 and Lean Six Sigma. We delivered the departmental KPIs while supporting the Plan A sustainability agenda, leaving M&S with a robust plan and designated teams to cross functionally deliver significant supply chain savings.

Marks & Spencer PLC

We supported Dunelm in the re-submission of their ITT for the outsourcing of their 2MAN home delivery operation. We lead the project through from initial short listing, re-affirmation / alignment of ITT deliverables, determining operational capability. customer service deliverables and subsequent implementation. The project was successfully delivered in a 3 month timetable with go live of the new partner, Panther Warehousing Group, occurring after just 2 months.

Dunelm Group PLC

At TDG we were responsible for projects and operational support across the UK and Ireland. Projects included implementation of new business, new DC builds and fit outs and supporting customers in achieving new logistic goals. Operational support included Interim operational management, coaching and mentoring operational teams.


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